Princes Park Studio
Recording+ Writing +Inspiration
Recording + Writing + Inspiration
Recording + Writing + Inspiration

Princes Park Studio
A studio for the Artist Lifestyle

We understand that many musicians look for UK writing studios outside of the city, and so we have built this writing studio retreat where you can escape the distractions of city life and really focus on making music

About us     

 Princes Park studio is the private studio of producer Dai Dream

In it's original guise as Princes Park Studio the space was already unique (in a refurbished attic ); the new resident producer has taken it even further, filling it with 1960s furniture and lin


ing it wall-to-wall with weird and wonderful antique sound-making devices. The flooring of the Recording Studio is made from old album covers and old vinyl records giving it an instant unique look.  It is located next to the historic Princes Park in Liverpool, the park is idea for smoke breaks where writers and bands can draw inspiration from the peace and tranquility  before heading to record.   The ceiling window looks over the  Welsh mountains and the  River Mersey 

Conceived completely with writing and inspiration in mind (which can often be in short supply in sterile boring studio environments), inspiration is never more than an arm's reach away here. Doing away with even the sacred control room, the space instead encourages participation from all who enter.


You have no excuse not to create a masterpiece when you are in a session here!


The closest parallel to Princes Park studio would have to be an art galley mixed with music museum. A shrine to the quirky and vintage studio gear, the space is relaxed, creative and is so much fun it can't fail to inspire. When that inspiration strikes, you need to capture it quickly, and the setup here is built for speed.  

The studio is OPEN 24/7 with NO BOOKING FEE so if you only require 1 hour you can book 1 hour with no extra charges.  Send a text, message, tweet or an email with your name and time of arrival and get an instant confirmation of your slot. its that simple!!


When it comes to tracking vocals, your bases are all covered with our microphone collection.  You can even record on to tape here for that c


lassic analogue sound.

If you can't be inspired despite the range of sound-makers on offer, you can always pull a record out from the in-house LP collection (Rare hip hop, Jazz, Rock and Soul) and soak up some vintage sounds or read a book from our unique library.  Our studio is equipped with WIFI, our fast internet connection will allow you to work sea


mlessly on large "multi-studio" projects or to check your facebook.

We have a small Kitchen for self-catering which is made easy with a large 24 hour Tesco store 5 minutes walk away. Refreshments and snacks are provided


  • The Producer Harris Gates 1950 Console                                                                    
  • WEM Copicat Tape Delay Machine                                                                                
  • 1950 Valve Mic Preamplifier
  • RME Fireface Interface      
  • Technics SL-1210 MK2 Turntable 
  • 3X Tascam m30  mixing console
  • Reel to Reel Tape Recorder
  • Tascam 4 Track Cassette Tape Recorder
  • Bentley Rhythm Ace Drum Machine
  • Ribbon Microphones
  • AKG C2000 Microphone
  • SE 2200A Microphone
  • Shure SM58 (x2)


Studio Rates

Limited Monthly Membership Availble for individuals or Groups
£30 a month
35 hour studio slots a month

Limited Year Membership Availble for individuals or Groups
£350 a year
35 hour studio slots a month

£10 - 1 Hour (Free Mixdown)                
£30 - 6 Hours 
£50 - 12 Hours


£100 - SPECIAL Full Day Package (24 hours)
£350 - SPECIAL Week Package (12 hours per day, 7 consecitive days)
£500 - SPECIAL Month Package (12 hours per day, 7 consecitive days, 4 consecitive weeks)



The Layout

Princes Park Studio was designed and custom-built to be a versatile space, able to accommodate any small to medium-sized projects


***discalimer**  there is a few stairs








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The studio is OPEN 24/7 with NO BOOKING FEE, send a text, message, tweet or an email with your name and time of arrival and get an instant confirmation of your slot. its that simple!!


By Bus : Get the number 82 Bus to Tesco Superstore on Park Road. Walk through the car park at the side of the shop. Walk pass the Qeens Arm Pub towards the gates of Princess Park and turn right on Belvidere Road. The Studio is on the right  oppersit the Belvidere Academy.

By car/Taxi : it is a 5 minute drive from Liverpool Lime Street Train Station.

Only a 3 hour direct train journey from London. 10 minute drive from Liverpool John Lennon Airport. 35 minute drive from Manchester Airport.  Close to M56. M6 and M62. its not far from the docks if you have a boat. 


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